I have a long time friend who I have just confided in that I am a femboy. she is now trying to help me become more girly ._.’ She has given me some rules…. I guess I should list those here :D

1. Don’t cuss as much…. :(

2. Make your outfits match. (Duh)

3. Do not assault anyone.

4. Try not to get in trouble.

She is coming up with more as we speak Dx The good thing is that I am going through with most of it…. See you guys later!




I guess I should say something to start this off…. I think I will answer a few questions about myself so you can know a bit about me!

ASFO? 16/M/Snow Leopard/Gay

Favorite Color: Fuckin’ Pink :D

Considered to be what group? Probably Drama Queen, or part of the Emo/Goth group.

Why I chose my fursona to be a Snow Leopard? I chose a leopard because I felt a regular cat was too cliche so I came up with the idea to be a big kitteh!

Why I’m Gay? Why are you straight? ;3;

Well, that’s all I have for now guys….. :D See ya around!